Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I may be delayed another month! Stay tuned for the rant if I am!! I am still waiting to hear from the clinical nurse.

Lessons Learned

Lesson #1

When you are low on gas and need to fill up - do so. Do not say to yourself "It is too freaking cold and I can make it back home before I need to fill up again!" You never know what might happen.

Lesson #2

When you should have filled up and you did not, do not try to draft behind a transport to save gas. You never know what might happen.

I will give you a hint as to what might happen... You could be driving close behind a transport thinking "wweeee, this is fun, I love the way the drafting is rocking me into almost a daze" when all of a sudden you hear what sounds like a cannon going off inside your car! As soon as you recover from the adreneline blackout you think to yourself "WTF was that? Did I just blow another engine!!?" (that's another story) Then suddenly you see tiny bits of black hitting your windshiled. Then the tiny bits turn into bigger and bigger bits and you hear this thudding sound. AAHHH! you think to yourself it is not my engine, it is the damb transport in front of me that has blown a tire. Just as you are relieved that it is not your vehicle falling apart the friggen transport driver realizes that it was not your engine that blew and it is one of his tires. He quickly pulls off onto the side of the 401 and spews gravel all over your vehicle (as if his stupid tire guts weren't enough). Reality sets back in and you realize you must get by this guy and can now turn off your forways and move on. Glad it wasn't rush hour!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

This is the place where my babies will be conceived(NO, Mike and I will not be "doing it" here!). It sounds so perverce since most babies are conceived in bed, but such are the joys of infertility. This is where we will have the egg retrieval and transfer and where they will grow the embryos.

Oddly enough, right across from the fertility centre is this church? or whatever it is. Mike and I joke that everyone will go pray that this works after they have their transfer!

After our last two trips to Ottawa we have decided that we will stay in a hotel room in Ottawa the night before the transfer and reteival. Both times we were delayed and rerouted through Prescott and Mallorytown. Here are some pics of our detour through Prescott:

I don't know what the name of this factory is or what it makes but is had the most revolting smell. Across from it was the water view and all along the road there was really big beautifull homes. I felt bad for all the people who built their homes there. I could not live with that smell 24-7. GROSS!! Here are some pics of our Mallorytown detour:

Not many good pics since it was night. We were stuck in traffic on the 401 for over an hour behind a woman who did not know how to drive a stick shift. She would stop and go instead of coasting along like everyone else. I don't know how many people ended up pulling in front of her but it was maddening! Then we ran into a blizzard once we were able to get on the 416. So when what was normally a 1 1/2 hour trip turned into a 3 1/2 hour trip we decide to take no chances. I should be starting the BCP's in about a week or so. I can't believe things are finally starting to happen.

Saying Goodbye Is Always Hard To Do!


Today I bid farewell to a sweet, succulent & sinful fond friend ~ Caffiene! I will miss the way you always woke me up in the morning and the way you always managed to keep me awake at work. Mostly I will miss the form in which you were delivered to me - Tim Horton's English Toffee and Carnation Rich Hot Chocolate. With every mouthful it felt like I was being hugged from the inside out and on a cold day how you warmed my soul. I take solace in the thought of one day returning to you my amore and look forward to when we can be friends again! Parting is such sweet sorrow! Love Candice
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Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

The countdown begins! I guess it won't be long now before everything starts to get crazy. I can't wait for January to end. Not only will I start the IVF process but I will also get to see my Shanny and the rest of the family(Holla). I hope everyone had a great New Year's and you can all stick to your resolutions.