Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lessons Learned

Lesson #1

When you are low on gas and need to fill up - do so. Do not say to yourself "It is too freaking cold and I can make it back home before I need to fill up again!" You never know what might happen.

Lesson #2

When you should have filled up and you did not, do not try to draft behind a transport to save gas. You never know what might happen.

I will give you a hint as to what might happen... You could be driving close behind a transport thinking "wweeee, this is fun, I love the way the drafting is rocking me into almost a daze" when all of a sudden you hear what sounds like a cannon going off inside your car! As soon as you recover from the adreneline blackout you think to yourself "WTF was that? Did I just blow another engine!!?" (that's another story) Then suddenly you see tiny bits of black hitting your windshiled. Then the tiny bits turn into bigger and bigger bits and you hear this thudding sound. AAHHH! you think to yourself it is not my engine, it is the damb transport in front of me that has blown a tire. Just as you are relieved that it is not your vehicle falling apart the friggen transport driver realizes that it was not your engine that blew and it is one of his tires. He quickly pulls off onto the side of the 401 and spews gravel all over your vehicle (as if his stupid tire guts weren't enough). Reality sets back in and you realize you must get by this guy and can now turn off your forways and move on. Glad it wasn't rush hour!!

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