Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Wrath of Khan-dice

My superfact is starting to kick into overdrive. I told Mike it may not be safe for me to drive anymore due to the rage I feel. Stupid stuff people do irritate me on the best of days, but while on menopause meds it just about sends me over the edge. Everyone knows that I have problems holding my tongue normally so mixed with this med I feel like I am on the razaor's edge of insanity or atleast like I am about to have a stroke. I just have to make it until next Friday. The nurse told me that the Puregon should counter the effects of the Superfact. One of the agents told me I should take it easy on Mike (Maybe he should live with Mike and see what he says after a month)or I will scare him away cause he is getting a preview of what I will be like when I actually go through Menopause.(Yes, I did bite my tongue with that comment) In my defence though, I have this to say: First of all, when I am actually going through menopause I hardly think I will be stressed out about the fact that I just spent $8,500.00 on something that may or may not work. Secondly, I doubt that I will be wondering if I will be childless for the rest of my life (by the time I am 50-60 years old I think I will have my answer by then, just a thought). And thirdly I really doubt that I will also be on the Birth Control Pill as well!!! Hence, Menopause!!!!!!! Your child bearing years are OVER!! This ones for you Shannon - SERENITY NOW!!! LOL

Monday, February 19, 2007

Better than a kick in the ball?

When I came back out of the pharmacy I was very excited to finally have my meds and to not have paid 5 thousand dollars for them. If I had been a poor responder then we would have to pay alot more for more puregon. I walked up to Mike and said guess how much in an excited voice. He said how much? I told him only $1409.74, isn't that great!! He said I wouldn't call that great in his usual glass is half empty voice. I said well it is alot better than it could have been and better than a kick in the balls!!! Mr Pesimistic says... "Candice, a kick in the ball is not better than a kick in the balls, either way it still hurts!!!" MEN! Anyways, I have been taking the superfact for three days now and it seems to be counteracting the BCP's so I am not so weepy. I do have the headaches and I am very tired but I am loving the hot flashes. It is so great being hot, I am cold all the time and love the fact that I am finally warm! The novelty may ware off but for now I like it! The needle do not hurt at all and are really easy to do. As I had a hold of a roll of stomach fat I said to Mike, it's times like these I'm glad I've got a gut. LOL

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Side Effects

To Mike's delight I am not bi*chy while I am on the birth control pill but to my horror I am weepy!! I am not normally a person that cries very easily, especially while watching Young and the Restless. Yet tonight while I was watching it I can not count on both hands how many times I had tears in my eyes. I mean COME ON! Young and the Restless?????!!! It wasn't even that bad. I am several days behind on the episodes but thanks to modern technology I can record it everyday. For those of you that watch it, it was the episode that Nick makes a plee via TV for the safe return of Phyllis and Summer. I HATE that story line with Nick and Phyllis!! Before my weepy days I wanted Phyllis to die in the elevator so Nick and Sharon could get back together. Okay, I am getting way off topic(I still have hope Sheila will kill Phyllis so Nick and Sharon can get back together). Thinking way back to high school I do remember being a more emotional person than I am now... perhaps not just teen angst?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Marvelous Marvelon


We are finally starting the cycle. I start taking this ironic pill tomorrow. Who ever heard of taking the Birth Control Pill to get pregnant? In the blink of an eye I spent $7,150.00 and don't even have a pair of shoes to show for it HHuummph!! Atleast I will get $60.00 in Canadian Tire Money (it's the little things that keep me going) too bad they don't sell shoes LOL!!

Mike and I will be going to Ottawa (again) on Valentines Day for our injections class... nothing says loving like sticking a needle in your wife's a$$!! I will be on the BCP's until the 26th of February. I start my superfact injections on the 17th and will have my baseline ultrasound on the 2nd or 3rd of March. If I am properly suppressed then I will start 100 units of the puregon. From there it all depends on how I react to the meds. I will keep you all updated as things progress in that area (how many follies, how big, etc...) I should know by the first week of April if I am pregnant or not. Hope for a belly bean!