Friday, December 22, 2006

Early Surprise

Well the clinical nurse actually called before christmas and Mike and I have an appointment on January 13th, 2007 for our injections class and other important info. The nurse said we could start our cycle in early February. Thankfully the FSH delays did not affect our start time so everything is on schedule. It's a christmas miracle!!! LOL

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone

I hope everyone has a very merry! I will see most of you on Christmas but for those not seen until the New Year have a happy new year as well. Here's hoping by this time next year there will be an addition to the family!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thought of the day

Lately, I have not had any thoughts of the day. Does that make me thoughtless?


I had not heard anything by Wednesday so I called Ottawa and they said Kingston had still not sent anything. I then called Kingston and had them fax me the results and faxed Ottawa the results myself!! That's how it has been since the start. They will soon come to realize they do not want to deal with me when they start injecting me with all those extra hormones... Anyways, my FSH came back at 7 on Day 4 of my cycle. For everyone out there like me wondering is 7 good? It is! Here is the info I found online:

Less than 9

Reassuring level. Expect a good response to ovarian stimulation.

I also spoke to my RE and he told me that my antral follicle count came back at 60+ follicles. That is really high and it looks like we will not have to use too many drugs to get a good response, which means less money and that is always good but I will be at a higher risk of OHSS, and that is not good, but I will be monitored closley and all should be okay. Here is some info for antral follicle count:

Over 26

High count, watch for polycystic ovary type of ovarian response.
Likely to have a high response to low doses of FSH product.
Higher than average risk for overstimulation.
Very good pregnancy rate overall as a group, but some cases in the group have egg quality issues and lower chances for pregnancy.

The "egg quality issues and lower chance for pregnancy" cases are aimed at older women. Thankfully my RE considers me "a young woman". And since all of my other tests came back good I am considered to be in the "Very good pregnancy rate" category.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Murphy's Law

Ever heard that old saying "If something can go wrong ..."? Well, I called the clinic today and they have yet to receive my bloodwork (SHOCKER!!) that I had done on Monday, even though I called a certain someone on Wednesday and asked her to fax the results. Well, my RE (Reproductive Encronologist, in Ottawa) said that it did not matter and that I have lots of follicles and he went ahead and sent my referral to the clinical nurse. YAY! FINALLY!!! Anyways, they said I should expect a call soon, and by soon they mean after the new year, to set up our appointment for the injections class and to talk about the Study if we qualify. My RE is supposed to call me after he receives my FSH results and let me know if we qualify for the study. Hopefully the past year's screw-ups are not an indication of what's to come. Fingers Crossed!!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

"Thought if the day"

My cat scratched me yesterday and today I feel sick. I think I have cat scratch fever!

The Bruise and The Question

So, in this image, it is not all that visible but there is a bruise. Really!! I am supposed to post this question to get all of your opinions. First, for it to make sense, I have to give you the back story. Mike, Dave, Amy and myself were sitting in her hospital room (a big shout out to Amy HHeeeaaayyyy!, who, at this moment, is stuck in a hospital bed) and Dave tells us that his mother won $12 on her Cash For Life ticket. That apparantly lead to a conversation about what they would do if they won the Cash For Life. Dave said he would take the lump sum payment and I said he should take the $1000.00 a week because he is young and he would get more money. Only the old farts take the lump sum because they may not live another 25 years. Dave said what if something happened to you? So this posed the question... "Can you still get the Cash for life if you are in a comma or on a ventilator?" Morbid I know, but there is not a whole lot to keep us amused in a hospital room. Dave had visions of himself hooked up to a ventilator and Amy had the weekly cheque in her hand saying "Fantastic!!" LOL. Please feel free to post your comment (bottom right hand corner of this post). Still to come ... Mike's thought of the day.


I suppose I should explain "thoughts of the day". It is just my way of keeping Mike interested in the blog, otherwise he would ignore me and keep on playing the stupid X-Box! Mike has so many crazy thoughts that he feels he needs to share with me, so I figured I would share them with you too. I think the pig thought came from some insane story he told my cousin Shannon about being attacked by pigs in our backyard on Victoria St.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Mike's Thought of the Day

"If you have pigs in your yard and you do not live on a farm... whatever you do, do not go outside. Trust me!"

In the beginning ....

Okay, here is my first blog. I thought I would start this so that everyone can keep up with our first attempt at IVF. As you all know, not much happening yet, but we will be starting all the action in February (if you'de call taking the pill "action"). Yesterday I went to the hosptal and waited for an hour and a half just to let someone poke me with a needle for my Day 3 FSH (FSH is short for Follicle Stimulating Hormone). I did do this test last month but apparantly KGH bloodlabs either thought AAHH heck, lets make her wait one more month, it's only been 9 since she started all of this or they are incompetant fools, the jury is still out on that one! Keep your eyes peeled, I may post a picture of my bruised arm for all of you to see :).