Friday, August 22, 2008

Once Bitten Twice Shy

This time I've decided to make sure that my RE's secretary has sent my referral. I am going to give it a few more weeks and then call the clinic myself like I did last time. But rather than waiting 6 months to call I'll wait 3 weeks, lol!! When I called my RE's secretary I said my name when she first picked up the phone and told her why I was calling and we talked for a bit and rather than having me come in they would just send the referral. Well she didn't even ask for my name again or anything else! So I just don't trust that she did it.

OOpps I have to go, I hear Taylor grunting and she is going to need a diaper change, lol!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Has it been that long?

Okay, so it has been forever since I last posted. I am much better at keeping up with Taylor's blog though, lol! To make a long story short, we had the baby. I was very low on iron in the last trimester of my pregnancy and therefore wanted to do very little lol! We moved into our new house 2 weeks after my last post and 3 weeks later I had Taylor... life has been busy but great. I decided to fancy up the old blog and I might even start posting more often.

I have called Jill at my RE's office and asked her to send a referral to Ottawa. So we may do another round of IVF sometime this year or next. That is to be determined. Taylor is an angel (most days) and we are very lucky. I will post more about IVF when we get an appointment.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Haloween!!

I will try and get on this weekend and post all of the updates that I have. I have been busy packing and now baking so look for a new post on Sunday.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Here are some pics of the house. They are getting ready to start the drywall. I wish they worked on the weekends cause we could be in that much sooner. It is frustrating to know that the house just sits empty half the week and there is no work being done on it! However, they have made good progress so far. This is now the time when things slow down.

Here is a picture of me at 30 Weeks. I haven't taken a regular pic this week yet but we did go to a wedding this weekend and I might post one of those instead.

Everything with the ultrasound was okay it was just the newbie being a newbie... jacka$$! At the time they estimated her to weigh 3 pounds and almost 1 ounce. My iron is low and I have been put on some pills. I am always tired and hence why it takes me so long to post. Yes, uploading photos and typing a blurb seems exhausting, lol!!! Not that it actually is, it is just getting motivated to do it. I have another OB appointment on the 11th and I might even have enough energy to post about it. LOL!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The pics

In the first one it looks like she is blowing bubbles. In the 3D image she looks grumpy so I think she looks like Mike! LOL!!!

She is still a She!

I don't have the pics scanned yet so I will add them tonight or tomorrow. You know a teaching hospital is necessary, but does it have to be in my hometown? I love seeing the baby but when it is for over an hour and your ultrasound tech is a newbie it is not so fun. After about an hour of trying to get certain shots and he still wasn't successful he said he was going to go get another sonographer and make sure everything was okay, then he paused, then he got up and said "um, yeah, okay" and then he left. Mike and I didn't say anything to each other but we both had a funny look on our face. Then the "pro" came in and started to look around and doing her thing. She was much better at getting the shots but it was just too long on my back and mixed with the thought that something might be wrong I started to feel really sick. So I asked to sit up for a second and Mike asked if my back was hurting and I said not I just didn't feel right, so she had me lay down tilted to my left side and she continued. I still wasn't feeling good so she told me to turn all the way on my left side and I finally started to feel better. Then I asked her if she could do 3D and apparantly she already had and printed pics as well. Mike was like she just did that a few seconds ago. LOL! I said oh that must have been in my almost black out stupor! I remember her talking about the umbiblical cord but was concentrating more on not barfing all over Mike. So note to self - don't rest on your back since it does cut off most of your circulation while pregnant. I still didn't feel well the rest of the night and woke up chocking on my own vomit. I didn't feel sick to my stomach but I guess I drank too much water before I went to bed cause at 11:00 pm I woke up puking in my mouth, which is alway pleasant. I think maybe the baby was moving and that caused it. I feel better today but still a little off. I am guessing it is just the 3rd trimester catching up with me. I am pretty sure there was nothing wrong with the baby, it was just the newbie's inability to get a good shot, cause the other tech seemed totally capable and unconcerned about anything. She just asked the guy what he didn't get and she picked it up right away. I still don't know the result of where the placenta is cause they are not really allowed to say much of anything except the gender and what is what. I have another appointment booked for the 26th and the OB will let me know then. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with the baby and it was just a newbie being a newbie!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

28 Weeks

I know I missed 27 Weeks but the 26 and a half week one was closer to 27 weeks so I just thought I would let it slide by, lol. I was actually having one of those weeks where I felt like a beast so I didn't even want to do my hair let alone smile for the camera!

The house is starting to come along nicely. We can't wait to see even more progress on it. Here is the latest picture:

Last but not least, here is what I bought at the final days of the Babies r Us Baby Fest. There is still 2 days left of the sale though...

We saw our new OB today. He seems nice and so does his student although they disagreed on the position of the baby. We will find out who was right tomorrow cause we have another ultrasound to find out where the placenta is. It will be neat to see the baby at this size. When they turn on the 3D she won't look so alien! I will post again tomorrow and let you know how it went and probably post some ultrasound pics.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Foundation and Baby Fest!

Well they didn't get that much done to the house this week, but the one next to us has it's first floor on. (It will be done first, cause the guy who bought the house draws up all the plans for the builder) Anyways, they are working on 4 houses at once so I am hoping for a little more progress this week. I can't wait till it is all finished! The end of November and early December will be busy for us and I got some more good news from my Shanny and have something else to look forward to at the begining of December.

In other news, Babies r Us is having it's baby fest for the next 2 weeks and I have already spent $400.00 and it was the first day of the sale, lol! My little storage area is starting to look like a baby store. This is what we bought:

The stroller was originally $300 and we got it for $150 so we had to do it. No, I do not plan on jogging, but it is so much easier to push around than a regular stroller. At this rate there will be nothing left to buy on my registry, lol! I still have to go to Wal-Mart and Sears to register though.

26 and a half weeks

Here is the latest picture. I am starting to feel like a stuffed sausage! The humid weather did not help much, it made my feet look huge. But all is well with the world once again cause it is nice and cool today. I woke up and immediatley looked at my feet and said "aahhh, much better!" I am almost 7 Months and I still have a belly button but I don't think it can hold out much longer, lol! I think I am doomed to get stretch marks on my side, at night they are just so tight, and I don't think they will hold out for another 3 months.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Here is the foundation to our house. We went again tonight and they have a little more done than this but not much. How dare the take the long weekend off??!!!