Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Here are some pics of the house. They are getting ready to start the drywall. I wish they worked on the weekends cause we could be in that much sooner. It is frustrating to know that the house just sits empty half the week and there is no work being done on it! However, they have made good progress so far. This is now the time when things slow down.

Here is a picture of me at 30 Weeks. I haven't taken a regular pic this week yet but we did go to a wedding this weekend and I might post one of those instead.

Everything with the ultrasound was okay it was just the newbie being a newbie... jacka$$! At the time they estimated her to weigh 3 pounds and almost 1 ounce. My iron is low and I have been put on some pills. I am always tired and hence why it takes me so long to post. Yes, uploading photos and typing a blurb seems exhausting, lol!!! Not that it actually is, it is just getting motivated to do it. I have another OB appointment on the 11th and I might even have enough energy to post about it. LOL!!!!

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