Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Still a Mystery

I bet you are all dying to know the sex? So am I!! First of all let me start off by saying that I got the f@#$ing wand witch again. If you have forgotten who she is, she is the one that came to work hung over and left me stranded with my butt up in the air and pants off! Well she hasn't got any better in the last 5 months. She would just not make the sex of the baby a priority all she wanted to do was try and get a good shot of the baby's heart. Don't get me wrong, I want to know that every thing is okay with it's heart but when you have a limited oportunity to see the goods when the baby moves you would think that you would try to get the view when you can. I'm still not sure if she got a good view of the heart but she never tried to go back and see the sex once it had moved a little. All she would say was if it's feet aren't in the way then the hands are. DON'T BE SO LAZY AND TRY!!!!!!! after that she said, "well if there are any complications you can ask us again then". What the hell???? Like if there are complications I am going to be concerned about the sex!!? Stupid moron!! I hate the wand witch and wanted to clock her on the head with her instrument! She kept on beating my stomach and not bothering to ask if it hurt, and yes it did, and judging by the reaction of the baby, it didn't appreciate it either! I have to go see my Dr. next Tuesday so we will see if he will send us back if he needs a better view of the heart, if not then I guess we will have to go to Ottawa find out.

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