Thursday, August 16, 2007

23 Weeks

Again I missed a week! Week 22 will be missed but not forgotten, LOL! We were too busy packing and moving. We are in the temporary apartment now. Trust me when I say I think I am the youngest tenant!!!! I feel like a kid again. I am not entirely sure that CaraCo didn't set us up in a retirement complex, HAHAHA!!

I saw the doctor on Tuesday and he said everything with the ultrasound was good except I have a low lying placenta, so I have to go back on the 20th of September for another ultrasound to make sure that the placenta has moved up and away from the cervix. In most cases it usually does but if not then I guess we will be looking at possible bed rest and/or a c-section. Whatever, I don't care, just so long as everything progresses normally and that baby girl is okay. I have to go in next week for my glucose tolerance test and I will let you know how that goes. I have an appointment with the OB on September 19th and I will be 28 weeks by then. I am guessing I will have a pretty big belly by then lol!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I guess that's why your not answering your phone?? How can I get in touch with you. Nanny and I have left you messages. I hope all is well we love you. I may have some news.