Monday, August 27, 2007

25 Weeks

Trying to get caught up on all of the photos. This one isn't great but atleast there are no shadows. Mike and I went to Syracuse on Sunday and we bought the crib bedding (that was exclusive to Babies R Us in the States, so that is why we went there). We also bought a diaper bag, some Podee's and lots of clothes (they had a clearance on summer outfits so I bought 12 LOL!!! They were all under $7.00 though so it wasn't too expensive. Here are some pics:

And in other news they have finally started our house. By start, I mean dug the hole, but atleast it is a start. Here is our hole:

That's all for now. I will and upload more photos of the house as it progresses.


Anonymous said...

Love the crib set, its going to look so cute all set up!

Anonymous said...

that comment was from me!!!!!!