Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Wrath of Khan-dice

My superfact is starting to kick into overdrive. I told Mike it may not be safe for me to drive anymore due to the rage I feel. Stupid stuff people do irritate me on the best of days, but while on menopause meds it just about sends me over the edge. Everyone knows that I have problems holding my tongue normally so mixed with this med I feel like I am on the razaor's edge of insanity or atleast like I am about to have a stroke. I just have to make it until next Friday. The nurse told me that the Puregon should counter the effects of the Superfact. One of the agents told me I should take it easy on Mike (Maybe he should live with Mike and see what he says after a month)or I will scare him away cause he is getting a preview of what I will be like when I actually go through Menopause.(Yes, I did bite my tongue with that comment) In my defence though, I have this to say: First of all, when I am actually going through menopause I hardly think I will be stressed out about the fact that I just spent $8,500.00 on something that may or may not work. Secondly, I doubt that I will be wondering if I will be childless for the rest of my life (by the time I am 50-60 years old I think I will have my answer by then, just a thought). And thirdly I really doubt that I will also be on the Birth Control Pill as well!!! Hence, Menopause!!!!!!! Your child bearing years are OVER!! This ones for you Shannon - SERENITY NOW!!! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Loved this. It's the best laugh I had all week. I also loved the fog horn leg horn story as that used to happen on harper rd all the time. Hang in there. All will be good I can feel it.