Saturday, February 10, 2007

Side Effects

To Mike's delight I am not bi*chy while I am on the birth control pill but to my horror I am weepy!! I am not normally a person that cries very easily, especially while watching Young and the Restless. Yet tonight while I was watching it I can not count on both hands how many times I had tears in my eyes. I mean COME ON! Young and the Restless?????!!! It wasn't even that bad. I am several days behind on the episodes but thanks to modern technology I can record it everyday. For those of you that watch it, it was the episode that Nick makes a plee via TV for the safe return of Phyllis and Summer. I HATE that story line with Nick and Phyllis!! Before my weepy days I wanted Phyllis to die in the elevator so Nick and Sharon could get back together. Okay, I am getting way off topic(I still have hope Sheila will kill Phyllis so Nick and Sharon can get back together). Thinking way back to high school I do remember being a more emotional person than I am now... perhaps not just teen angst?

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