Monday, February 19, 2007

Better than a kick in the ball?

When I came back out of the pharmacy I was very excited to finally have my meds and to not have paid 5 thousand dollars for them. If I had been a poor responder then we would have to pay alot more for more puregon. I walked up to Mike and said guess how much in an excited voice. He said how much? I told him only $1409.74, isn't that great!! He said I wouldn't call that great in his usual glass is half empty voice. I said well it is alot better than it could have been and better than a kick in the balls!!! Mr Pesimistic says... "Candice, a kick in the ball is not better than a kick in the balls, either way it still hurts!!!" MEN! Anyways, I have been taking the superfact for three days now and it seems to be counteracting the BCP's so I am not so weepy. I do have the headaches and I am very tired but I am loving the hot flashes. It is so great being hot, I am cold all the time and love the fact that I am finally warm! The novelty may ware off but for now I like it! The needle do not hurt at all and are really easy to do. As I had a hold of a roll of stomach fat I said to Mike, it's times like these I'm glad I've got a gut. LOL

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