Thursday, December 14, 2006


I had not heard anything by Wednesday so I called Ottawa and they said Kingston had still not sent anything. I then called Kingston and had them fax me the results and faxed Ottawa the results myself!! That's how it has been since the start. They will soon come to realize they do not want to deal with me when they start injecting me with all those extra hormones... Anyways, my FSH came back at 7 on Day 4 of my cycle. For everyone out there like me wondering is 7 good? It is! Here is the info I found online:

Less than 9

Reassuring level. Expect a good response to ovarian stimulation.

I also spoke to my RE and he told me that my antral follicle count came back at 60+ follicles. That is really high and it looks like we will not have to use too many drugs to get a good response, which means less money and that is always good but I will be at a higher risk of OHSS, and that is not good, but I will be monitored closley and all should be okay. Here is some info for antral follicle count:

Over 26

High count, watch for polycystic ovary type of ovarian response.
Likely to have a high response to low doses of FSH product.
Higher than average risk for overstimulation.
Very good pregnancy rate overall as a group, but some cases in the group have egg quality issues and lower chances for pregnancy.

The "egg quality issues and lower chance for pregnancy" cases are aimed at older women. Thankfully my RE considers me "a young woman". And since all of my other tests came back good I am considered to be in the "Very good pregnancy rate" category.

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