Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Bruise and The Question

So, in this image, it is not all that visible but there is a bruise. Really!! I am supposed to post this question to get all of your opinions. First, for it to make sense, I have to give you the back story. Mike, Dave, Amy and myself were sitting in her hospital room (a big shout out to Amy HHeeeaaayyyy!, who, at this moment, is stuck in a hospital bed) and Dave tells us that his mother won $12 on her Cash For Life ticket. That apparantly lead to a conversation about what they would do if they won the Cash For Life. Dave said he would take the lump sum payment and I said he should take the $1000.00 a week because he is young and he would get more money. Only the old farts take the lump sum because they may not live another 25 years. Dave said what if something happened to you? So this posed the question... "Can you still get the Cash for life if you are in a comma or on a ventilator?" Morbid I know, but there is not a whole lot to keep us amused in a hospital room. Dave had visions of himself hooked up to a ventilator and Amy had the weekly cheque in her hand saying "Fantastic!!" LOL. Please feel free to post your comment (bottom right hand corner of this post). Still to come ... Mike's thought of the day.

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Anonymous said...

Why is she in the Hospital? This is the first time I've ever Blogged. Very exciting.