Friday, December 8, 2006

Murphy's Law

Ever heard that old saying "If something can go wrong ..."? Well, I called the clinic today and they have yet to receive my bloodwork (SHOCKER!!) that I had done on Monday, even though I called a certain someone on Wednesday and asked her to fax the results. Well, my RE (Reproductive Encronologist, in Ottawa) said that it did not matter and that I have lots of follicles and he went ahead and sent my referral to the clinical nurse. YAY! FINALLY!!! Anyways, they said I should expect a call soon, and by soon they mean after the new year, to set up our appointment for the injections class and to talk about the Study if we qualify. My RE is supposed to call me after he receives my FSH results and let me know if we qualify for the study. Hopefully the past year's screw-ups are not an indication of what's to come. Fingers Crossed!!

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