Thursday, March 1, 2007

Foghorn, was that you?

Well I thought I would tell you about one of my typical drive home experiences. Yesterday's drive was going pretty smoothly until I tried to merge onto the 401. I get on the 401 from the Highway 38 onramp, anyone who knows Kingston will understand that this was recently turned into a 3 lane highway for about , oh maybe, 30 seconds (so stupid). Anyways, here I am trying to get onto the 401 and some jerk decides to drive right beside me so that I have to apply my brakes and wait for him to go by before I can pull in behind him. I look around and there is not 1 car on this 3 lane stretch of highway and this moron decides he can't spare a square, so to speak! So I'm like oh no you di'int!! 5 days before I would have just drove into the back of him until we were both in the ditch, but alas I stopped the BCP on Monday and I haven't been feeling as enraged as of late. So instead I got into the lane beside him and kept pace with him and just stared at him with a huge grin on my face. (I think he and his girlfriend/wife thought I was coming on to him as he was smiling back and she was not!) I knew this guy was not from around here cause he was driving in the lane that ends and merges onto Sydenham. So I am keeping pace with him smiling away when he suddenly realizes what I am doing and this time he is the one that has to apply his brakes and merge in behind me!! I laughed at him, gave him the finger and drove off! Victory, 1 point for Candice. The rest of my 401 drive was uneventful.

Now I am on Highway 15 and suddenly a huge wild turkey decides it needs to pick the exact moment I am driving by it to try and lift its fat a$$ up into the air! It was millimeters away from my windshield but thankfully I missed him, but not because of any skill on my part as my eyes were closed and my head turned (word of advise - don't walk out infront of me when I am driving). When I told Mike about the turkey he said that I was lucky cause it might have cracked my windshield had I hit it. I said "ya think? It was the size of Foghorn Leghorn and said to me I say, I say slow down lady!" That actually gave me another adreneline blackout like with the transport tire so I feel I lost a point on that one. Back to 0 points.

Now I am on Rose Abbey and I am at the first stop sign where there is a 4 way stop and I am stopped beside the car that is turning left and I am going straight. This yahoo (who is not a teenager and atleast my age or older)decides that he is going to do a brake stand. He and his buddy are yucking it up and his friend looks over at me with this big stupid grin (like I am enjoying their stupidity and am going to laugh along with them). So I give him and his buddy the universal "L" on my forhead and mouth the word LOSER and drive home. Score one point for Candice!

Okay so maybe the turkey was not typical but the rest was. I wanted my license, why? I wonder what's in store for me tonight?

I have my suppression check tomorrow morning and if all goes well then I will get to start my Puregon.

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Dawn Melling said...

And people say I've got driving issues!!!